Guest Verification Journey for Short Term Rentals & Hotels

Your all-in-one guest verification for short term rentals to help you

Prevent Fraudulent bookings

Reduce Rule-breaking

Collect Deposits & Upsell

Avoid Disruptive guests

Your all-in-one guest verification solution

Custom Guest Journey

Automatically send guests verification links that direct them to the guest journey portal, streamlining operations with digital agreement signatures, and capitalizing on opportunities to upsell add-on services through customized questions.

Selfie and ID Collection

Collect guest ID documents and selfies for verification, securely stored on the dashboard and easily downloadable as PDFs and guests receive a signed agreement copy. Additionally, run credit card checks to enhance fraud prevention measures.

Added Security Measures

Ensure guests digitally acknowledge house rules. Hosts are able to review completed verification reports before confirming bookings. This empowers hosts with control over property access and minimizes the risk of hosting disruptive guests.

Integrates Seamlessly with PMSs and Sends Branded Links

Integrate WelcomeLink with your PMS to automate guest verification and send branded domain links, Combine WelcomeLink with Alertify to monitor noise, smoking, and occupancy violations during the guests’ stay.

Discover how WelcomeLink can transform your reservation management process

About WelcomeLink

WelcomeLink is born out of a commitment to simplify the relationship between hosts and guests. Know who your guests are and what they need without creating a complicated or obstrusive guest journey.

A 2019 survey found that among the 21% of Airbnb hosts who reported experiencing fraudulent activities by guests, chargeback fraud was the most common scam.

How WelcomeLink simplifies risk mitigation and improves your bottom line

Branded Guest Journey

WelcomeLink offers a branded guest journey portal, enabling you to send verification links using a custom domain that matches your website, complete with personalized colors and your company logo on the guest portal. Gather guest information through custom questions, upsell additional services, and address specific needs to enhance their stay.

House Rules & Rental Agreement

Through WelcomeLink, guests can review and accept your house rules. In addition, you can present guests with a custom rental agreement outlining the terms of their stay, including rules and fines. This feature not only streamlines the documentation process but also establishes a legally binding agreement, giving hosts the necessary tools to enforce rules and maintain a harmonious environment.

Credit Card Verification & Upselling

WelcomeLink incorporates credit card verification and payment verification, adding an extra layer of security against potential credit card chargebacks and fraudulent activities. This verification process ensures that the provided payment details are valid, reducing the likelihood of financial disputes and safeguarding property owners from potential financial losses.

Streamlined Reservations Process

WelcomeLink empowers property owners and managers with comprehensive control over incoming bookings. Hosts can review all guest details after the portal is completed. This enables hosts to get ahead of hosting disruptive guests or requesting a deposit when necessary. Welcomelink enables you to screen for behavioural risks and identify red flags early on in the booking process.

Collect IDs and Selfies

Collecting copies of guests’ identity documents and a selfie in one step on the guest journey portal is essential for enhancing security, complying with legal requirements, and streamlining the check-in process. This measure mitigates the risk of fraud, ensures regulatory compliance, and centralizes guest data for easy access and management via the WelcomeLink dashboard. By allowing guests to upload their documents in advance, the process becomes more efficient and less intrusive, improving the overall guest experience and enabling hosts to present this data to local authorities should a dispute occur.

Additional Documentation Available

If your have an Alertify device, in the event that a disruptive guest is hosted in your short term rental or hotel, when a violation is detected, the system will produce an after-incident report highlighting the incident and guest details, which can be used with the guest agreement and house rule agreement to resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Alertify monitors for noise, smoke, occupancy, temperature, humidity and mold risk. Once this smart device picks up on a guest violation, it will send an immediate notification to the host. Haven’t got a device yet? Use code WELCOMELINK to receive a 10% discount on your first order.

How WelcomeLink’s Guest Verification Works for Guests

How WelcomeLink’s Guest Verification Works for Hosts

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